A Beach Trip Becomes A Motherhood Fail…



So I think a beach trip like today, deserves to be the first opening post to my new blog!


As some of you know I had another blog which I started when I moved back to Egypt the second time, and it ended up being just a place to vent my frustrations of living in Egypt. I wanted to continue blogging but it became very mummy related and that was boring for people who hate kids! So I decided to start a new blog here where I can ramble on about motherhood, life and things, just to be vague hahaha…. So bare with me as I try to start finding the time to blog again, as with kids I cant open my computer, and once they are in bed, well who doesn’t need to spend a few hours crying in a dark room after a whole day of intense kid fighting and out-of-this-world tantrums!

So before I do the usual mistake of just rambling and going all mom-brain and forgetting the meaning of this post, Ill let you in on the beach trip of today!


One of the closest and prettiest beaches, that doesn’t cost a membership in a hotel which is the same as a new car, is Al Wakrah. Ive been to Al Wakrah Family beach, but to be honest I prefer feeling sand between my toes and not large chunks of coal and old lamb ribs! hahaha, yes that beach is that bad, so I always go to the beach right beside, just on the other side of the fence!

The first time we went there I drove all the way to the water, which is like a 5 min drive! But then the tide came pretty quickly and I moved the car and a Qatari warned me about going out too far as when the tide comes, it comes fast and you can end up getting stuck! So after that I started parking the car on the beach and walking, and I’m not joking but with kids its like a 15 min walk… It’s the longest most tiring and boring walk in the history of walks, google it, I promise it will say ‘walk to Al Wakrahs sea during low tide’!!! Hahaha, its to the point where you think it might be worth getting the car stuck in the sea to not have to do the walk!


Anyways we arrived today at the beach and the temperature showed 47 degrees… I hate heat, I love air-condition, buuuut I also love beaches and had not been to one in a while and just needed some grains of sand to get stuck between my toes, I know that sounds a little gross putting it like that! Im pretty sure I was a mermaid in my previous life… Because both previous lives and mermaids exist, or existed… hahaha anyways here’s me rambling on again!


So it was HOT… Sauna style hot, where your skin stings a little when you get out of the air-conditioned car… I packed light as I knew it would be a horrendous walk in this heat! Sometimes I think I popped most of my braincell during childbirth, when pushing my kids out! Haha I mean any sane person would have been like SHIT 47 degrees, NO WAY, lets go home and relax in 16 degrees aircon, even me haha, but I thought as soon as we get to the sea it should be okey… We can hang out in the cool water…. BOY was I wrong….

5 meters from the car the whining starts…. Im tired, I want to go home, I want to relax, I want to go swimming, I want daddy, Can you carry me, Im hungry…. SHUT UP, there’s a crab over there, eat it, daddy cant help you, Im already carrying Adam, we are going to the sea to go swimming, you can relax when we get home, just another 43539393 million meters! I swore at the beach all the way there, and swore at myself for going out in this crazy heat, but then we finally arrived…


Yousef throws his shirt on the sand and kicks his sandals off and off he goes straight for the water! HOT HOT HOT HOT….. OUCH mommy the water is too hot… it hurts…. I stick my foot in the water and it was literally like sticking your foot in a bathtub with waaaay too hot water, it stung like hell!!! GREAT, JUST GREAT!!!! Thank you Al Wakrah and the sun, and thank you beach… THANK YOU… Do you know how many beads of sweat I endured and how MUCH whining, and feeling like my shoulder was going to pop out of its socket from carrying Adam ALL THE FREAKING WAY HERE???…


So now what do I do?? The air is burning its so hot and we are all sweating, and the sea is  so hot its stings… So which one is it?? Burning or stinging?! I dont give up easily, especially when it comes to my beaches… Im going to the beach and I WILL STAY, well for at least a few more minutes… I mean it took us 20 min to walk here, and not spending my day walking on the beach in 47 degrees ONLY…. I want to feel the FREAKING sand between my toes… and YESS… the sand was too hot to touch too, so in general it was a very HOT experience… I just remember all those times in Spain when people would always tell me that I shouldn’t be out in the sun in the middle of the day because that’s when its the strongest and hottest… And we are talking about way under 40 degrees here, and then here I am going out in 47 degrees…. Well at least it was under 50 degrees right?!


So I picked up Adam and we went in search of something under 45 degrees, whether it was a breeze further out or colder water, anything, I just want TO STOP SWEATING….

We found a sand bank and Yousef did a little bit of swimming and splashing in the boiling water, and Adam ran around trying to catch the birds trying to chill on this mini-island, and I floated around sweating in water… But I DID feel sand between my toes… Although I also did feel a few sharp things that made me jump, I have had too many close calls with crabs lately in Qatar beaches, me and them are not friends…

So after about 15/20 minutes Yousef says he is tired and hot and wants too go back home to relax on the sofa! So I pick up Adam and we start walking back…


This was the longest, sweatiest, hottest, stickiest, tiringest (is that even a word?) walk in the history of walks, again google it, I promise you Al-wakra beach to the sea is on there…. My face was cooking, the sweat was just pouring into my eyes and mouth, ughhhh it was gross and so salty hahaha… And it just kept coming, all this salty sweat into my eyes, so I couldnt see it stung so bad, and I was carrying stuff in both hands and around my shoulders… Every 5 minutes I took a hot break, to remove some sweat, and then carry on… The car was soooooo far away… I swore at the beach, at my kids for liking the beach, at my toes for needing to feel sand, at Al Wakrah for having such shitty tide timings, at my swimsuit for being black and hot, at my flip flops for flipping too much so I was wasting extra energy on controlling them… Ugh it was honestly the worst walk of my life, im pretty sure the walk to death row isn’t that bad!

We finally got to the car and I swore at the car for being parked so far away and then I turned down the aircondition to the lowest temperature and highest fan setting… And I got into the car, with my legs shaking and just sat for like 10 minutes, not moving, just drinking all the liquid we had in the car… when we ran out of juices I was thinking of drinking the window wipers fluid… I had not brought enough drinks to rehydrate 3 suffering humans! Hahaha, dont worry my kids were fine, I think they are immune to heat… I asked Yousef if he thought it was hot while we were walking back to the car cooking alive, and he says ‘its a little hot, maybe some water will make me feel better!’ A LITTLE HOT???? Yousef its 47 degrees, there are countries in this world that have NEVER EVER experienced this high temperature before…


After cooling down in the car my shaking legs drove us home, and we all agreed, well I agreed with myself that this stupidity that happened today will not happen again and we will pretend it never happened, which means after this blog post, you forget that I ever went to the beach in 47 degree weather…. Forgotten… Deal?



2 thoughts on “A Beach Trip Becomes A Motherhood Fail…

  1. You killed me of both laughters and sorries 😅 baby , beach is amazing, i mean i am from Alexandria and beach is my middle name. But I wouldn’t do what you did🤣 the experience was worth telling and i am glad that youssef felt a bit hot 😂 but please stay dehydrated and try to hit the beach wether too early or before sunset when you can avoid the burning sun. All the love xoxoxoxox


    1. Hahaha thank you! 😊❤️ im glad you enjoyed my beach situation! Ooooh i cant even imagine the beaches in Alexandria! 😍😍😍 no i learnt my lesson! Only reason i went then was because of the tide in Wakrah beach! But will probably wait until wonter before i try that beach again! 🙈🤣


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