Dohas Heat Tips, By Me!

So today we had a very very very, did I say very? hot day!!! Of course its not full summer here in Doha yet, but I mean what is summer? Summer is defined by the season between spring and autumn, but lets be honest, in Doha we don’t have seasons…


We have the following four seasons in Doha:

Autumn, which is the ‘finally the weather is getting better’ season. We can start enjoying the afternoons outdoors, beaches and parks!

The winter is the ‘Ahhhh this is nice, ooooh the beach is a tad bit windy but the sun is loving my face’ season… It rains like 3 times and when it does the whole country overflows and we all run around trying to film the most extreme road rivers! Whilst many locals enjoy their jet skis and boats in the overflowing streets!

The spring starts.. This is when panic sets in and you go all ‘Oh no its going to get soo hot soooo soon, beach, park, beach, park, park, beach, beach, park… No I cant do malls, its going to get hot soon, we need to be outside, come one people outside! Oh no its already starting to get hot… Oh no life is over… It’s hot…

Summer arrives… This is also known as the months of stinging eyes, burning skin, suffocating heat, engine problems, air-conditions strikes, liters and liters of salty sweat, and whole lotta heat complaining! Theres this constant competition of recording the hottest temperature, like WOHOOO I took a photo of 52 degrees and lived to talk about it! Yes, Hi, I do it too! I survived through a 53 degree photo!


So today we hit 50 degrees.. And yes, dont worry I took a photo! And boy was I complaining…. The issue is 50 degrees outside is fine, I dont have any issues with how hot it is outside as long as I dont have to feel or inhale this heat… People always ask me how do you get used to this heat, but lets all be honest, there is no one on the face of the earth that gets used this much heat, we deal… Or most people deal, I just google air-conditions nearby and head there! Thats why there are actually several places in Doha that have air-conditioned streets!

In heat like this too there is no way of dressing that will keep you cool, trust me! You get to the point that over 40 degrees you kinda give up and think, you know what I’m going to sweat whatever I wear, where is my hoody and jeans!?

The issue I have with this heat is the car struggles keeping the car cool inside… As soon as it hits over 45 degrees and you stop at a red light, it starts heating up… and the consequences are gross… I mean ugh leather seats are just sooo sticky, my face starts turning red with hints of purple, depending on how hot it is, and how long the red light lasts…


Anyways I thought with this heat and all the warnings from the government to take precautions, I would give you a few of my own tips and tricks to deal with the heat! Yes, I know im so kind, you’re welcome…

  1. Leave… Pack your suitcase, book a ticket and leave for the summer, as soon as the thermometer, or these days your iPhone, shows above 40 degrees…
  2. If you cant leave Doha for work reasons, you might want to think about a career change… Like maybe a seasonal job that allows you to again leave once the iPhone hits 40 degrees.
  3. Again if you cant leave or quit, then dont go outside. Trust me on this one, you won’t want to once you have felt the heat…
  4. If its necessary to leave the house, then plan your trip wisely… Make sure your walk from the building to the car is as quick and precise as possible, turn engine on immediately and blast the lowest degrees on highest fan setting and enjoy the hurricane feeling…
  5. Once you leave the garage/parking, keep your route up to date with nearest air-conditioned options… If your car breaks down you DO NOT, I repeat NOT, want to get stuck outside, run immediately to a building with a large amount of air-condition motors on the outside or roof of building. Be aware as some buildings do not have enough air-conditions and this can give a Bali holiday feel, slightly sticky and wet…
  6. If you need to uber or taxi, please, please check the engine size, as some cars really struggle with heat, and you dont want to be leaving the trip in a car like you have been in a pool, so big powerful engines people!
  7. Dont ever look out of the window, see how people dress and dress accordingly! You will find the hotter it is, the more clothes people wear!
  8. Again just the last tip would be to leave… I cannot emphasize enough that this heat is insane!


But I guess you just have to see the positive, and you know what, I feel sorry for the people who dont know the following feeling: So you have been out in 45 degree or above heat, and every single inch of your skin has a layer of sticky sweat, its dripping slowly behind your ears, and your hair is starting to get wet, your pants start sticking to your thighs and legs and you start worrying if any deodorant in the world can deal with your armpits! Then you enter a shopping center (in Doha, of course!), with air-condition blasting at 16 degrees… That feeeling, mmmmm, its just heavenly… you feel all the sweat cooling your skin and drying up, ah man, its by far THE best feeling ever, no money can buy this exact feeling…


Looks like tomorrow it should be much colder, only 47!



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